There are a many who would express their love for Queens and quite overtly at times. The reason I am appreciating it is because there are just as many who would either hate, look down upon or generally dismiss that Queens has anything to be in love with. Sometimes you hear appreciation for parts of Queens such as Astoria but the sentiments for the rest of Queens are rather “Blah”.

I am from Queens. Queens is home. I also love Queens but I think because it is my home. I also live in Astoria now but I have lived in other parts of Queens – enough to feel that I know Queens. When I saw this Neon fixture at Sek’end Restaurant I was compelled to take this picture out my love for Queens; the reason of which is just that it is home. Although, that is enough for me but I think there is more to Queens that can be loved (or appreciated) by any one and clash royale anywhere.

I am going to start talking about Queens now. Many a times this is not a very comfortable conversation (as you’ll read in my future posts) but a conversation I must have, nevertheless.

So, here I start.