KAHANI – A storytelling card game

I have developed a card game for storytellers. The idea is to create a story with up to five players (storytellers) in a round of cards – much like an “Exquisite Corpse”. In every round, the story gets pushed forward until the time of the story is up. It is a fun, creative exercise that results in a finished story shared by all players.

“Kahani” (کہانی) is the word for Story in Urdu language. And that is the core of this game – Storytelling.

The idea is to build a story with up to five contributors who, in several rounds of cards, will develop characters and the narrative around a given premise and within a parameter based on time.

The deck of cards only creates the environment of a game and the setting for players but ultimately, the objective is to develop a story. The competitive spirit of the players contributes to the conflict in the story but the love for storytelling brings that conflict ridden story to a completion.

It is a fun hour – or two. Sometimes it allows you to sharpen and hone those story telling tools in your arsenal but other times it is a mindless exercise that allows you to relax in your favorite (might even natural) habitat where stories are being told and you are doing the “telling” along with “listening”. However, sometimes it is just boring because nothing takes flight. But that is life isn’t it?

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