As opposed to many, I am not scared of clowns but am rather fascinated with the idea. I don’t find the to be funny, endearing or even entertaining as they are supposed to be. I certainly don’t think they are an idea for children. There is something quite awkward about them. To me, that awkwardness is the source of my fascination. To me, a clown is either a person who have decided to be a clown and therefore I wonder what might be the story behind the facade. Or, a clown is a “being” independent of human-normaty and therefore – I wonder what story is brewing behind their eyes. Or perhaps they are a mixture of both.

Simon is the clown in my mind that has no particular form or shape but it transform into any form I want. It is not real nothing about him is unreal. A continuous manifestation of Simon, in my mind, is “The Magnificent Roadie”. In this roll, Simon is a performer, some sort of stand-up comedian. These are some illustrations of an idea that is forever cooking.